Kimya Felez Azar a global Chemical Company which provides a wide range of chemicals, has been emphasizing the importance of high quality and customer's orientation since 1995.

Main products are titanium dioxide, magnesium hydroxide, polycarbonate, pigments, solvents and polymer which are used in paint and coatings, masterbatch, plastics and rubber,cable and composites, ceramics and leather industries.

Our policy is being an exclusive distributor of world's best brands, Titanium Investments (Crimea Titan), Russian mining chemical company, Kazanorgsintez are the companies which we are their official distributr in Iran.

Kimya Felez Azar is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10002:2004 standard.

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Kimya Felez Azar is one of the leading business companies located in Iran with headquarters in Tehran, and offices in Moscow and Istanbul.

Customer satisfaction, contributing in the national economic prosperity and being one of the members of world-wide trading groups are company's main objectives.

A professional sales team and R&D with the spirit of innovation, predict the customer's needs to fulfill their demands on time with high efficiency.

Currently over 40 employees are working in different parts, such as sales& Marketing, customer's service, warehouse, and web department in order to satisfy any queries of all clients.

Please browse our web-site and feel free to contact and share your comments or questions you may have regarding to our products.