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About KFA

Kimya Felez Azar company was established in 1995 with the aim of supporting national development by supplying high-quality chemical and polymer raw material required by the various industries.

Thank god and thanks to our determined experts and the satisfied customers who show their feelings of appreciation by remaining loyal and giving supports, suggestions, and constructive comments, today K.F.A. Co. is one of the leading companies in the country and has a very clear road map of success and worldwide expansion plan in hand.


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Main products are pigments, solvents, mineral flame retardant for polymer, Titanium dioxide used in paints, coating, compounds for polymer and…

It is used for Decorative paper, silicone paint, powder paints, paint for road marking, plastics, PVC, masterbatch and… More Info
Additive pigments in paints and glazes, ceramics, art paints, paper, construction and rubber industries… More Info
A very sticky synthetic-natural compound that hardens under certain conditions and its solvent is water and… More Info

Other products such as pigments, solvents, mineral flame retardants for polymers, titanium dioxide and… More Info

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