Kimya Felez Azar

Supplier of chemicals and polymers raw materials

About us

Providing high quality chemical raw materials accordance with the needs of the market and modern technology with minimal harmful environmental effects, obtain representation from the world’s top manufacturers, participate in related local and international exhibitions, innovation of research and development units, professional sales and marketing, effective and proper response to the customer requirement, value creation and motivate talented employees have always been the first priority of this company.



Additive pigments in panits and glazes, ceramics, art paints, paper, construction and rubber indstries

Poly carbonate

A very sticky synthetic-natural compound that hardens under certain conditions and its solvent is water

magnesium Hydroxide

White fine solid powder, with the exclusive mark of MDH processed from mineral magnesium hydroxide

Other Product

Application in paint and resin industries, industrial coatings, masterbatch making, polymer compounds, PVC and…

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