• Raw material for manufacturing if Methyl methacrylate applied mainly in production of organic glass;
  • Solvent for cellulose acetate specially as spinning and nitrocellulose;
  • Raw material for production of Bisphenol-A (Polycarbonate, Epoxy resins), Methyl isobutyl ketone and Methyl isobutyl Carbinol, Isophorone (coating);
  • In pharmaceuticals;
  • Solvent for paint, varnish and lacquer;
  • Solvent for potassium ioddie and permanganate;
  • To clean and dry parts of precision equipment;
  • Delusterant for cellulose acetate fibers;
  • Specification testing of vulcanized rubber products;
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Product Inforamation

Chemical name: 2-propanone

GOST: 2768-84

Emoirical Formula: CH3COCH3

Molecular Mass: 58.08

UN: 1090

Physico-chemical properties

Properties: Premium 9KP 2418110110 Grade I 0KP
Grade II 0KP
Appearance Clear colorless liquid Clear colorless liquid Clear colorless liquid
Mass content of acetone, % not less 99.75 99.5 99
Density, p ᴙ41g/cm3 0.789 – 0.791 0.789 – 0.791 0.789 – 0.792
Mass content of water, % not more 0.2 0.5 0.8
Mass content of methyl alcohol, % not more 0.05 0.05 Not applicable
Mass content of adds as defined by acetic acid, % not more 0.001 0.002 0.003
Resistance to oxidation by potassium permnganate, hrs, not more 4 2 0.75

Storage & Packing

Storage: Should be stored in glass large bottles or in tanks made of steel, aluminium or galvanized in accordance with the rules for storage of fire hazardous substances.
Packaging: Drums – rail tank – road tankers


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