Gum Rosin

Gum rosin

Gum Rosin

Hot-melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives, mastics and sealants, varnishes, ester gum, soldering compounds, core oils, insulating compounds, soaps, paper sizing, printing i n k s, polyesters (formed by reaction of the conjugated acids of rosin with acrylic acid, followed by reaction with a glycol).

Gum resin GOST 19133-84 meants for usage in production of synthetic rubber, in pulp and paper, tyre, rubber and varnish-and paint industry.


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Properties: Angular, translucent, amber-colored fragments, sp. gr. 1.08, ,.p. 100 – 1500C , acid no. not less than 150. Flash point 3700F (1870C). Insoluble in water, freely soluble in alcohol, benzene, ether, glacial acetic acid, oils, carbon disulfide, dilute solutions of fixed alkali hydroxides. Low toxicity. Hard and friable at room temperature, soft and very sticky when warm. Combustible.
Hazard: Evolves irritant and suffocationg fumes on heating.



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