Isobuthyl Acetate

Isopropyl Alcohol

Applications:  solvent for nitrocellulose, in thinners, sealants, topcoat lacquers, perdumery, flavoring agent.

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Acetic acid isobutyl ester

Emoirical Formula: C4H9OOCCH3

Product description

Properties: Colorless, neutral liquid , fruit-like odor, It is soluble in alcohols, ether & hydrocarbons, partially soluble in water.
Hazard: Flammable, dangerous fire risk

Physico-chemical properties

Index name Index
Appearance colorless liquid
Weight fraction of basic substance, %, min. 99.00
Density at 20oC, g/cm3, within the limits of 0.870 – 0.872
Boiling point at 760 mm Hg, oC 116 – 118
Weight fraction of water, %, max. 0.1
Weight fraction of acids ( converted to acetic acid), %, max. 0.05
Weight fraction of non-volatile residue, %, max. 0.0005
Glass 250.0 cm3
Glass 1.0 dm3


Packing: 55-gal drums, tank cars


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