Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol

Applications: Used in Manfacture of acetone and its derivatives; manfacture of glycerol and isopropyl acetate; solvent for essential and other oils; alkaloids, gums; resins, etc.: extraction precesses; dehydrating agent; preservative; lotions; denaturant.

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Product description

Appearance:  A colorless transparent liquid without mechanical impurities.

Product Information

Trade Mark: Sk-Sleek
(IPA, Dimethylacarbinol, Secpropyl alcohol, isopropanol, 2-propanol)
GOST: 9805-84
CAS Number: 67-63-0
Chemical Formula: CH3CHOCH3

Physico-chemical properties

Density at 20oC, (G/sm3) 0.815 0.785 – 0.786
Part by mass of isopropyl alcohol %, max. 99.7
Part by mass of the acid on conversion to the acetic acid, %, max. 0.0007
Part by mass of sulfuric compounds on conversion to the sulfur, %, max. 0.00005
The bromine number (1G of bromine with 100G of alcohol) 0.006
Part by mass of the carbon compoundson conversion CO, %, max. It is not determined

Storage & packing

Storage: Isopropyl alcohol stored in specially equipped in metal reseroirs according to actual rules of the alcohol.
Packaging: Carefully cleaved tank cars, containers, Zink-lated or steel drums and glass bottle.


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