Red Iron Oxide

Red Iron Oxide
Red Iron Oxide Pigment, Grade K
Applications: It is used as a colorant and extender in the manufacturing of paints and varnishes, construction materials, rubber, and leather. Also used in ferrous metallurgy and electrical engineering.
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Product description

Product: Red iron oxide pigment, Grade K
Manufacturer: Titanium Investments LLC
Appearance: Synthetic powder pigment of red-brown color.

Product information

Specification: TU 2322-005-17547702-2014
ISO Standard.: 1248-74
CAS No: 1309-37-1

Physico-chemical properties

Fe2O3 min. 96.0
 Not soluble in hydochloric acid rsidue, wt% max. 0.3
Volatile matters, wt% max. 0.5 ISO 787-2-81
Water-soluble substances, wt% max. 0.5 ISO 787-3-91
Residue on a sieve with net 0063, wt%, max. 0.30 ISO 787-7-81
ISO 787-18-83
pH of water suspension 5 – 8 ISO 787-9-81
Oil absorption, g/100 g of pigment, max. 19 – 21 ISO 787-5-80
Opacity, g/m2 5 – 7
Dispersibility, µm 12 – 15 ISO 8780-4
Total color difference, ΔE from the reference sample max. 2.0 ISO 787-1

Packing & Storage

Packing: Paper bags (25kg), Big bag containers (600 and 1000 kg).
Storage: – Storage in dry-covered warehouse.
-The warrenty period of storage: 12 months from the manufacturing date.


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