Sumtitan R-2061

Sumtitan R-2061

Applications: Is characterized by advance atmospheric resistance, high optic properties. Is recommended to produce masterbatches, thermoplastics, high endurance polyvinylchloride both for interior and exterior application,elastomers, rubber, paper (inc, paraffin and ornamental),paper coating (inc, wallpaper), foodpackaging, leather, white cement, sealants, adhesives, solvenborne semimatt paints both for interior and exteriors applications, liners, putties, silicate paints, plaster mortars (inc, cement mortars), polymer coatings, powder coating for interior applications, epoxy coating gum.

Product description

Appearance: White powder
Molecular formula: TiO2
Durability period: Unlimited
Storage and application conditions: Store is original manfucturer’s containers in closed dry warehouse. Avoid aerosol formation when handling. Apply individual respiratory protecting equipment.
Surface treatment: with silicium, aluminium compounds and organic compounds.


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