Titanium dioxide TiOx-280
Applications: TiOx-280 is widely used in the production of various paints and plastics for interior and exterior use.
Field of application: silicone paints, water-soluble paints, solvent-borne paints, paints for road marking, powder paints, plastics, masterbatches, and …
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Product description

Product: Titanium dioxide, Rutile pigment produced by the sulphate process.
Manufacturer: Titanium Investments LLC
Properties: The grade has a high whiteness, blue shade, good weather resistance, and high gloss. The coatings based on this pigment are resistant to chalking and save the brilliance for a long time. This grade is easily dispersed in different disperse systems because of its organic treatment.
Surface treatment: Treated with Zr and Al compounds and organic substances.

Product information

Specification: TU 2321-001-17547702-2014
ISO Standard.: Type III
CAS No: 13436-67-7
EINECS No: 236-675-5
ISO 591-1: R2
ASTM D 476: Type III

Physico-chemical properties

TiO2 content, wt% min. 92 ISO 591-1
Rutile content, % min. 97 ASTM D 3720
Mean particle size, (d50)1, µm max. 0.28
Top cut, (d95)1, µm max. 0.85
Residue on a 45 µm sieve, wt% max. 0.010 ISO 787-18
Specific gravity, g/cm3 3.8 ISO 787-10
Moisture content, wt% max. 0.5 ISO 787-2
pH of water suspension 6.5 – 8.5 ISO 787-9
Tint reducing power, arb. units 2000– 2300 ISO 787-17
Color index Pigment White 6 77891
Opacity, g/m2 23 – 25 ISO 6504-3
Dispersibility, µm 10 – 13 ISO 8780-4
Oil absorption, g/100 g of pigment 18 – 21 ISO 787-5
Whiteness, arb. Units2 96.5 – 97.0 ISO 787-1
Brightness, L* (CIELAB)2 97.0 – 98.0 ISO 787-1
Yellowness, b* (CIELAB)2 1.8 – 2.3 ISO 787-1

Packing & Storage

Packing: Paper bags (25kg), Big bag containers (500 and 1000 kg).
Storage: – Storage in dry-covered warehouse.
-The warrenty period of storage: 12 months from the manufacturing date.


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