Main products

 Pigments, solvents, mineral flame retardant for polymer, Titanium dioxide used in paints, coating, compounds for polymer and…

Titanium Dioxide

Its the naturally occurring oxide of titanium,chemical formula TiO2, is used for Decorative paper, silicone paint, powder paints, paint for road marking, plastics, PVC, masterbatch and…

Magnesium Hydroxide

It’s the inorganic compound with the chemical formula Mg(OH)2.It is a white solid powder  with low solubility in water with the exclusive mark of MDH processed from mineral magnesium hydroxide


A very sticky synthetic-natural compound that hardens under certain conditions and its solvent is water, flame retardant filter for polymeric materials

Other Products

Other products such as pigments, solvents, mineral flame retardants for polymers, titanium dioxide and..

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