Adipic Acid

Adipic Acid

However, it is recognised that for many end users the colour and related characteristics (chromacitry, iron content etc.) are of vital importance. in fact data taken from recent production at Sev-Don shows in actual results that the products is typically better than the specification assigned to it.

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Traditionally Ukrainian production of Adipic Acid has been to (GOST) standrad No. 10558-80. This sets out the minimum standard for production.

Physico-chemical properties

Mass Fraction of Adipic Acid, &, not less than 99.8
Color of solubtion (solvent colour) by platinum-cobalt (PT-CO) scale, Hazen Units, not more than 2.5
Color of melt (molten colour) by platinum-cobalt (PT-CO) scale, Hazen Units, not more than 30
Temperature of melt (range), AoC, min. 152.0 (155.0)
Mass fraction of water, %, note more than 0.18
Mass fraction of ash, %, no more 0.0015
Mass fraction of nitric acid, %, note more than 0.0003
Mass fraction of iron, %, note more than 0.00005
Mass fraction of oxalic acid, %, note more than 0.004


25 kg paper or polypropylene bag in pallets.

with aluminium compounds, has wide applicationin varnish and pain


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